Saturday February 24, 2018
Category: Lyrics

The last man I ever loved...

It was not long before we were in the fog

Our planet dimension will rise

One in the east 

and two moving on

Rasen sizes spurned

An atmosphere of oxygen


In me


Hearts of 

Dark queen


Hearts in fear


I'm a ghost in the machine

I'm a heart that cannot bleed

I'm a heart that cannot feel

I'm a heart that cannot bleed


In me dark nahm

You make it on


Craft not equipped for landing home

In the beginning

There was a spaceship

Tween one the seas

As for our ship

We were in the volve

Round the planet


Landing on this operational

We go hand in 


In my

In my coast in time

Broken bones

Rancid stars


I'm in stars

In single file calling out

Every now and then you always

Always with no reason

When you murmer like running water

A distance away


Coming upon it we were afraid

Moved by the beauty of the sun


Moved by the beauty of all everything in sight

Sight of gold.