Saturday February 24, 2018
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28 JANUARY 2012
'Dark Teenage Fantasy' EP named Single of the Week by All Gigs.

*** Single of the Week ***
Hacienda Records have hit an oil-well with this mysterious electro-pop outfit - Super White Assassin ("Dark Teenage Fantasy" out 20th Feb - 4 stars). You get wistful breathy girly-vocals, underpinned with the deftest of electronic and chilled-out bliss that wouldn't sound amiss if Royksopp, Goldfrapp or Francois and the Atlas Mountains popped their name on the sleeve instead. Opening song "Russian Doll" isn't the highlight on this EP, but serves a purpose as a perfectly-reasonable 'come-on' to the likes of 6Music to add it to their playlists. Darker and slinkier is "White Noise", while the final two songs are offbeat explorations into esoteric synth-patter and (a shame) rather banal lyrics. Things get even more left-field with the Bjork-like "Out in the Snow". Not perfect, not life-changing but I'd be happy to sit down or stand up to an album's worth of their material